Project 365 – Week 31

Voting day made this week feel a lot shorter. My finger will most probably have that mark for weeks to come, but I did my duty.

This week for project 365, I missed too many days to make a true week in photos. Wednesday I went to another town and took loads of photos. I am sorry, but this way there is better photos.

After voting we headed to Mosselbay to catch some Pokemon and see the sights. I was born in this town. It his rich with history. You can read up about some of it here.


First off we headed out for breakfast and our free coffee for voting. These peacocks are the local residents of the petrol station. I see that sadly the males tail is not as glamorous as it was before.


First stop in Mosselbay was the harbour. Our graffiti is not so pretty, but the ocean was nice and calm.


We had some lunch at the Point and walked around a bit. We saw only one Dassie. There used to be loads, but it is hibernation time and I guess this little buddy didn’t get the memo.


Some people are really artsy. We found these sculptures made from sand.



Beautiful stained glass at the museum.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Bartolomeu Dias, a guy with so much history, I am just going to leave his wiki link here.

That was the end of our little excursion. I am hoping to not have another week with so many missed photos. Also hoping that these photos made up for it.

Mona – next week will be better




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