Exploring my town: Botanical Gardens

Today we went to the Botanical gardens. I haven’t been there in a while. Since the last time I went they have added an entrance fee. It’s to keep the riffraff out, which is good. We spotted some birds and just enjoyed nature.


I don’t know bird names well, but I am pretty sure this is a Jacana, or in the family. Looking at his big feet. They are also known as Jesus bird since they can ‘walk on water’.


Also, fuzzy on the name, but I think this is a geelvink. There was plenty of nests along the water and also plenty of chatter from these guys.


The Hadida was stretching his wings, but I missed it. The view was pretty awesome though.



A mallard duck.  He was checking on us periodically, probably hoping to score some breadcrumbs. No luck though, as we came unprepared.







We wandered around while I snapped some photos. It was a fun little outing. I was surprised at the amount of birds we saw.

Mona – getting closer to nature

**All the photos was taken with my phone, hence the not so super quality




  1. Love these shots, they’re so calming! I love all of the different birds you managed to find, and I love those misty mountains in the background too. I always find botanical gardens really relaxing. – Tasha


  2. That little yellow guy is awesome! I’ve never seen a bird like that. We have some bright green ones here, which I can’t remember the name off, but it’s the closest the Belgian wildlife gets to being exotic haha!

    I love botanical gardens, they are always worth checking out whatever time of the year, since there’s always something growing or a bird or two making some noise.

    I love these photos, I’m really digging the location of these gardens!


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