Project 365 – Week 30

Rainy days and Pokemon walks. This week has flown by. See my week in photos.

July 22nd – Day 203


Pretty flowers on my walks.

July 23rd  – Day 204


Still noticing all the flowers on the routes I have never walked before.

July 24th – Day 205


Another Pokemon event. This time by the beach. We arrived early to get a spot.

July 25th – Day 206


Payday treat! Some waffle with ice cream and Bar one sauce.

July 26th – Day 207


Sitting back after a long day with some coffee and something for the sweet tooth.

July 27th – Day 208


Almost forgot to take a photo. This little boy was sleeping in my arm, so I just snapped an akward angle photo of him.

July 28th – Day 209


I can’t seem to get a full week worth of photos without missing a day. Here is a recent shot to fill the gap. This was taken last week during our mountain walk.

Mona – walked A LOT


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