Project 365 – Week 29

We got ourselves Pokemon Go and boy have we gotten busy. We walked many km’s to hatch those eggs. Here are some photos of the sights.

July 15th – Day 196


Why hello pretty morning sky. Got up early to feed the dogs and saw this, thank goodness it was a Friday, because we had rain that afternoon and I got to snuggle up in bed.

July 16th – Day 197


At Victoria Bay we have our own little love locks fence. The odd thing is that it’s right by the memorial area for surfers that has passed away.

July 17th – Day 198


Early morning walk in the mountains. There is a little pond along the way. Such a nice view.

July 18th – Day 199


Yes we are totally addicted to Pokemon. We had a little lure event in town, quite a lot of people showed up. This game is good for meeting new people. Go team Instinct!

July 19th – Day 200


While walking the dogs we saw the full moon rising. Sorry for the bad quality, but this was taken with my phone while trying to hold Odie still.


July 20th – Day 201


Almost forgot to take a photo today. Nothing interesting inside, so I got this snap to show that it’s raining slightly, featuring Odie’s behind..

July 21st – Day 202


Was walking around with my friend and saw some pretty flowers in somebody’s yard. Really wish I was able to grow pretty flowers in my own yard.

Mona – seeing Pokemon everywhere


One comment

  1. Haha, you’re playing PokemonGo! I’m not, but Kris is and he’s having fun. He plays whilst we cycle and you can still hatch the eggs, although you have to go a bit further. Still, it’s a fun cycle to work in the morning in you’re catching Pokemon!


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