Project 365 – Week 28

The week I tried to upgrade my phone. What a nightmare. The one good thing is that my phone did finally arrive and I can go catch Pokemon! I have a few filler  photos, but here is my week.

July 7th – Day 188


Oops. This was Thursday for the last week. I have no idea why I missed adding it to last week, but here it is. Healthy veggies makes for a good dinner.

July 8th  – Day 189


My two little cuddle bunnies! Sometimes when it’s cold they cuddle together, other times they compete who gets to cuddle up next to me.

July 9th – Day 190


The best angle = the worst lighting and photo. The amazing other photo shows just the flower. It’s a little honeybird, so colourful!

July 10th – Day 191


Another day missed, another holiday filler photo. We saw Mr Crabs, but not Spongebob.

July 11th – Day 192


The good stuff! I really like the taste of coconut. This water is very refreshing.

July 12th – Day 193


The husband had a tooth removed and we had to have something liquid for dinner. The weather was perfect for soup. I had some bread just to make it more filling.

July 13th – Day 194


Another filler. Sorry. Here is a cool seal soaking up the sun.

July 14th – Day 195


And another filler. This service dog was memorialized in Simons Town.

Mona – too many fillers





  1. I’ve only tried coconut water a few times and I can’t decide if I like it yet, I think I need to just find the right brand that tastes the best.


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