Project 365 – Week 26

The end of the holiday and back to reality with some home repair. See my week in photos.

June 24th – Day 175


Chocolate tour time! This was so awesome. We received free samples. Sadly there was no oompa loompas, we checked. Unless they were hiding them…

June 25th – Day 176


That is what I’m talking about! Played laser tag for the first time ever on Friday evening. Had so much fun we came back the next morning. I really wish we had this in our town. I would go every weekend, and also be so fit.

June 26th – Day 177


Some nice hot beverages while we wait at the airport. We were about 3 hours early for our flight.

June 27th – Day 178


Struggling to get back into the swing of things. I forgot to take a photo. Holiday photos will do as filler. Is this view not just amazing. The mountain is naturally flat, hence the name, Table mountain.

June 28th – Day 179


So. This happened. No idea how? The dogs must have hit it? Just lucky they didn’t get injured with that huge sharp piece. Nothing gets you out of holiday mode quicker.

June 29th – Day 180


While our front door had a big hole in it, I had to take the morning shift staying home and waiting for the repair man. I got a load of washing up before the sun was really even up yet. My mom also came over for a cup of coffee. The repairmen only came at 4 that afternoon.

June 30th – Day 181


Since washing never ends, and things take forever to dry in this weather. I had to resort to hanging things inside.

Mona – back to reality



  1. Love the shot of Table Mountain, so cool! I love laser tag too, it’s so much fun. Hope the dogs were OK with the broken mirror too, how strange! Hope you enjoyed your holiday and that you can still float on holiday mode for a little while longer. – tasha


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