Project 365 – Week 25

This week I did not take pictures every day. I either forgot, or didn’t have anything interesting to take a photo of. I did include fillers of my holiday. Yay for holidays!

June 17th – Day 168


Filler photo alert! My go to models for when I don’t have anything else. Loki is a funny one.

June 18th – Day 169


I got up to make us an easy breakfast of Oats. I love adding way too much syrup on mine. I also added some cinnamon.

Here is where I kind of stopped with the photos. I will be sharing the morning of the 23rd photos as fillers.

Pretend it’s June 19th – Day 170


It was an early flight. We arrived at the airport at 7: 30. We checked in and had some coffee while we waited to be called to board.

Pretend it’s June 20th – Day 171


The view from our room was pretty awesome. The weather was also perfect, despite it having rained a lot the week before.

Pretend it’s June 21st – Day 172


The activities included archery. I really enjoyed it, even though I was sporting a big bruise on my arm from the strings hitting me…3 times. I could really take this up as a sport.

June 22nd – Day 173


The actual day of departure. As soon as we arrived at our overnight destination, we started the activities on offer. One of those is biking to a wine tasting. I can’t believe I could still ride a bike!

June 23rd – Day 174


We went to Two Oceans Aquarium and was in time to see these little guys get fed. They are so cute.

Mona – engage holiday mode



  1. Ahh, I had a similar daily photo week. I think we’re all allowed one week where it all turns to shit haha!


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