June things

This month was spend mostly counting down the days to our little break- away to Cape Town. We stayed home mostly, tidying and watching Youtube.

I went into another super cleaning mode and cleaned out my cupboards once more. Filling another black bag to the brim. I don’t think we realize just how much we hoard until we take out everything, try it on and then decide if it’s worth keeping it. Thinking you can lose weight for an item is actually just depressing, just chuck it.

My guilty pleasure in life is watching way too much animal compilation videos. I stumbled upon this channel and have been laughing like a crazy person at all the animal fails.


This month we tried Spotify for the free trial time. We thought we could buy the membership, but turns out it didn’t want to accept my South African credit card details (Boo!). I am going to miss the convenience as well as discovering new artists. I really hope this wonderful app comes to us soon.

Reading wise, I finished The Girl who played with fire. This book had a sort of slow start, mainly recapping the end of the previous one. Once it got into the main story I was hooked. It ended quite dramatically. I am not sure if there will ever be a movie for this, I doubt they would get all the detail. Could we just live in a world where they accurately make one book into one season of a show? Look how good Game of Thrones is doing. I started the third book a few days ago, they set off from the get-go, no recapping for a few chapters. I am looking forward to seeing how this series ends.

This recap would not be complete without sharing a bit of my holiday. As mentioned (a lot of times on Twitter), we went to Cape Town for 5 days. I am busy working on posts to tell you more in detail what we did. As not to repeat myself, here is the basics of what I did. Archery and Zorbing for the first time, a chocolate tour (still dreaming of this chocolate). We played laser tag for the first time and enjoyed it so much we returned the next day. Barney was right all along!


We ate way too much food and just had a good time. We also used Uber for the first time. Using vouchers, we got our first trips for free, score!

I am also busy working on a Youtube video showing some short clips of my holiday. Keep an eye on the social media’s for that.

I want to end on a very sad note. I was debating whether to add this in the post, but feel this was part of my month. While we were on holiday, Lucky, the dog at my husband office, was injured by a passing vehicle. She had to be put down due to her injuries. I miss her coming to greet me in the evening while I wait for my  husband. You will be missed pretty girl. Life can be so unfair.



Mona – heartbroken over Lucky


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  1. Oh that’s so so sad! Poor Lucky! I’m so sorry to hear that. What a dampener to put on the month, but the rest did sound like a good time though!

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