100 Cups of Coffee #5

On holiday in Cape Town I went to the funkiest looking coffee shop around, Truth coffee. It’s smack in the town center. Think steampunk is cool? Then this award winning  place is where you need to go.

Truth coffee was on our list of must see places while on holiday. We headed into town early on a Saturday morning to get our coffee fix. We were greeted at the door by a snappy dressed man welcoming us. Being a touristy geek, I got my photo taken with him.

Truth Coffee.jpg

All the waiters look like they came straight out of a video game. We ordered our coffees and spend the rest of the time looking at the decor, all table talk subsided. I didn’t take much photos, most you would see from this post would be from their website or Google. I was just taking it all in at the time. I ordered a standard coffee, my friend went for the more adventurous orange juice/ condensed milk and coffee mix. I had a sip and it was a taste explosion. With heaters this was a good choice to warm up inside and out on a chilly morning.

With coffee names such as Battle Brew, Potion coffee and Silky Vengeance you are sure to find something to your taste. They were fair priced for what we ordered and we received good friendly service. They also offer meals and alcoholic beverages with the ever popular Craft beer also available, ensuring you can spend hours here.

Truth coffee 2.jpg

When I return to Cape Town I would definitely go here again and grab a bite to eat and stare at all the decor some more.

Mona – coffee induced high



**Photos courtesy of Google (Shanna Jones Photography)




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