Project 365 – Week 24

Another week down. Another week closer to my holiday! I cannot wait. It has been a year since I have gotten out of town. Here is my past week in photos. Hoping to get some good photos and different scenery for next week.

June 10th – Day 161


You are probably wondering what exactly you are looking at? Since we don’t have windows that get raindrops, this is my arty sort of way of showing the rain.

June 11th – Day 162


I really like that I have been baking more this year, even if it is just the easy packet mix. Another batch of cappuccino muffins done.

June 12th – Day 163


Wholewheat spaghetti and mince. Yum Yum!

June 13th – Day 164


Some reading before bedtime. I am really into this book (The girl who played with fire). I have about 50 pages left now.

June 14th – Day 165


Yes! Winter time means they are selling these again. Eat all the chocolate goodness!

June 15th – Day 166


Another day missed. Oops. At least I get to share more Botswana pictures. These giraffes did not want to pose for us, but still, it’s a baby giraffe. So cute.

June 16th – Day 167


Thursday was a no work day in South Africa as we were celebrating Youth Day. We went shopping since I need some winter shirts. I came home with one mid sleeved dress, one long sleeve shirt and this very un-winter shirt. The quote just spoke to me. Typical that you don’t get what you set out to go and buy.

Mona – the t-shirt speaks the truth




  1. Baking is so much fun! I really should start doing some more myself. I want to master a lemon drizzle cake with no egg since it’s my favourite, but I just haven’t found the time.


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