Project 365 – Week 23

You know it’s winter when you bust out the bed socks and extra blankets. I have gone into hibernation mode.

Here is my photos of the week.

June 3rd – Day 154


Friday evening was spent playing Battlefront with the husband. I am really bad at shooter games, but I managed to hit him a few times without him pitying me and standing out in the open.

June 4th – Day 155


My second attempt at taking pictures of birds. This was maximum zoom. One day I will take a very good picture and surprise even myself.

June 5th – Day 156


Still in my super cleaning / decluttering mode. I have gotten rid of so many things since December, feels really good. Sorted through my CD collection. These are all on the goodbye list.

June 6th – Day 157


The reason I can part with the CDs would be that I discovered Spotify. I love listening to the rain, I found so many calming playlists.

June 7th – Day 158


Went for our two weekly shopping and picked up some ingredients for pizza. I love that avocado is back in season. Been eating one everyday again.

June 8th – Day 159


I forgot to take a photo today. I delved into my collection and found this bird photo. I am not good with bird names, as you can tell. Love his colours. Spotted in Botswana.

June 9th – Day 160


More beautiful sky shots. I can see the sun rising later and later. I don’t Β mind winter, but then I want to stay at home and not go out into the cold. Sitting in the office hearing the rain pour down outside is the worst.

Mona – activated hibernation mode



  1. Love that shot of the bird you spotted in Botswana – so pretty! I love rain sounds too – I often look for calming playlists like that when I need to unwind and they’re great for sending me to sleep as well. Love Spotify for that reason. Beautiful final sky shot as well! – Tasha

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  2. Good clear outs are so satisfying! And I also suck at computer games, although I’ve been a little into Minecraft the last week or so and that’s not going too bad!


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