Project 365 – Week 22

Another week of hot and cold weather resulting in me catching a cold and staying in bed for one day. You know winter is here when it’s dark outside at 6. I am really not a winter person. Enough with the complaints and on with the photos.

May 27th – Day 147


Friday night started off with all the boys cuddling on the couch. I did get “the look” for daring to take pictures.

May 28th – Day 148


The best Saturday nights are the ones where I can snuggle up with the dogs in bed with a good book. About a fifth into The Girl that played with fire.

May 29th – Day 149


A very bad photo of good food. That white blob would be cauliflower in a cheese sauce. Om nom nom!

May 30th – Day 150


I was gifted this hand cream over Christmas. I totally love the smell. I went through the bubble bath pretty darn quick.

May 31st – Day 151


This would be the shot redeeming my otherwise dull week in photos. One plus point of winter is, most mornings I get to see this amazing colours in the clouds.

June 1st – Day 152


So… I missed this day. I was in bed with the flu and remembered that I have not taken a photo yet, but just could not be bothered to get up. I did however see this totally amazing shot from a Facebook group of my town. This was taken at our airport. Sorry that it is way smaller, I saved it on my phone.

June 2nd – Day 153


Stayed at home today. Mister Loki enjoyed the extra cuddle time. Snuggled up on the couch is the best place to recover from a cold.

Mona – thank goodness for medicine



  1. I love that shot of the clouds and the colours in the sky there, so pretty! I hope you’re feeling a lot better now too. I’ve picked up a bug from somewhere this week and am feeling very unwell this morning so I can sympathise. Sending you lots of get well vibes! – Tasha


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