May things

The lovely month of May has come to an end. I reached level 27! We are now almost halfway with the year (where did the time go??). After a week of hot and windy weather, it seems winter has decided to show its face.

My birthday was a normal work day for me. I did receive a bouquet of flowers, featured it twice on my project 365 as these flowers lasted so long. I only threw them out yesterday, and not because they were dead, but just because they were starting to fade in colour. I’m pretty sure these are GMO flowers, which is totally bad, but wow. A bouquet that lasts 4 weeks.  I also received new curtains for my room, thank you parents! My bedroom finally doesn’t look like a colourblind person decorated it.

Thank goodness I take notes as the month go by of the things I enjoyed, otherwise I would find it hard to recollect the smaller things.

Recapping on things internet wise. We were watching Youtube and saw MatPat analyze a theory that brought him to a website that does personality tests. That was a mouthful. We quickly searched the site and we both did the test.  I must admit, Dylan’s test came out 100% his personality. Mine, was about 85% me. I should redo the questions and see if I get a more accurate answer. You can find the test we did here at 16 Personalities. It’s quite weird to see yourself analyzed in text form by just answering a few questions.

As I enjoy documentaries, I did watch a few over the month. The one that stood out, which is on Netflix currently, was Mortified. It’s adults reading extracts of their old diaries on stage. Some stories are really embarrassing. Check out their upcoming events, there might be a live show close to you. This could be a fun event to get out and see something different. If you have old diaries and want to read them on stage, you should get in contact with them. I think this show is gaining momentum and soon you will see shows all across the world.

Lastly, we are going on a short holiday end of June. I am mentioning it in May as the flights got booked and accommodation is sorted out. Our friend won a competition for 4 people to stay in Cape Town. We are the lucky other 2! I have been looking up things we can do while we are there. I am really excited. The place we will we staying at has themed caravans. Something totally different. They  also offer archery lessons, which we shall be taking. We will be staying in the caravan called The Dream, check it out on Old Mac Daddy’s website. Yes, there is a naked pillow lady. My friend thought that would be a funny room for us. The big wheel at the waterfront and going with cable cars up the mountain is also on my to-do list. This will 100% be featured in my June recap.

Ending of with a clip. Technically I saw this back in April, but I still think about it. Check it out. Then get out and live life or feel mildly depressed. I was the latter, until I heard about the holiday. Now I can get excited about breaking out of the work and come home routine.


Let me know how this video makes you feel?

Mona – serious wanderlust


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