Grab the Popcorn! #3

What is better than snuggling up with a movie in rainy weather? We had plenty of rainy days and I watched a few movies. Here are my thoughts.

Just my Luck 2006

Just my luck

The Romantic movie list on the South African version of Netflix is slim pickings. I landed on the movie from Lindsey Lohan, pre- career downhill. I watched this movie when it came out, back when I was in High School. Remember the boy band McFly? This was their starting point. The movie is about a girl named Ashley (Lohan) with abnormal good luck switching luck with a guy named Jake (Chris Pine) who has abnormal bad luck. Their luck is swapped when they share a kiss at a masquerade party. High jinx ensue. With Jake’s new found luck he manages to get the band McFly signed to a record label. Ashley loses her job and flat (and sanity). Their paths cross and in typical romantic comedy style they end up together. Still an enjoyable movie after all this time.


Bride Wars 2009

Bride wars

Two friends from childhood sets their sights on the same wedding venue for the same month. They get proposed to around the same time. The one friend is more competitive and the other quite a pushover. A mix up at the venue means their weddings get booked for the same day. Naturally as strung up brides they argue and elaborate plans of sabotage gets set into play. As besties, they do make up. The one friend realizing she is with the wrong man. I enjoyed this movie. On a side note,  I also loved the way Anne Hathaway’s character dressed.

Girl Next door 2004 


Every teen aged boy dreams? A porn star moves in next door. Being a straight A student hoping for a scholarship to go study, the new girl next door teaches him to let his hair down and live a little. Mix in an ex boyfriend and  horny friends and a sex ed video and you have the plot of this movie. An odd love story, but one none the less.  My husband likes Elisha Cuthbert, that’s why we watched this. Have you seen the series Happy Endings that she acts in? I thought it was a good replacement for How I met your mother, but it didn’t run that long. Boo!

Marley and Me 2008


Unsuspecting me watched this movie for the first time a few years back. Watched it this time knowing how it ends. Cried so much. What makes it worse is that we now have a dog that acts similar to Marley. The movie follows Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as they progress through life, with their dog Marley growing up with them. It is truly sad to see dogs get sick as they grow older. I balled my eyes out!


Shutter Island 2010


Follow  Leonardo in this island prison mindbender movie. This movie ending is a plot twist. I would say spoiler alert, but come on, it’s been 6 years. He arrives on the island with his “partner” investigating a missing person case. Note that this is an island with just one boat trip coming and going. To top it off it’s a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane. It keeps your head scratching until the end. Turns out Leo is a patient himself and he invented this story of him being a U.S Marshal to handle the grief of killing his wife after she drowned their 3 children due to her depression. The doctors played along with this marshal plot as a radical type of treatment. His partner being his main doctor. Was a good movie. What was up with those naked people in the one cell though?  So random.





  1. Marley and Me is on my ‘black list’, that means I will never, ever watch it again – it was too traumatic.
    Shutter Island is one of my many, many faves though. Brilliant movie. Love a twist!



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