Project 365 – Week 21

I can’t think of something interesting to write as an opening, so without further ado, here is my week in photos.

May 20th – Day 140


I spend my Friday evening reading The Girl with the dragon tattoo in bed. Having seen the movie, but not remembering how it ended, I really did enjoy this book. TookΒ me a few pages to get into the writing style, but I’m now into Stieg’s way of writing and busy with the second book.

May 21st – Day 141


My very handy and crafty friend and her husband made this awesome blanket/ pillow container for my living room. It was made from pallets, to give it that rustic look. Excuse the horrible wires at the back, still need to make a plan with those. I’m thinking maybe hiding it just behind the box for now?

May 22nd – Day 142


My husband has been binge watching the Office US so much, that the theme tune started to annoy me. We watch through Netflix, but because the show opens with a soft start, they play the theme tune in full. Was driving me crazy! Besides that, it was still a good show.

May 23rd – Day 143


Monday night boredom. I decided to paint my nails and add some art. I don’t paint my nails nearly enough for the amount of polish I own. I should work on that.

May 24th – Day 144


A quick trip to the mall after work to grab something for dinner. We bought all the ingredients to make our own burgers (tasted amazing!).

May 25th – Day 145


Hello little fella. This is the first time I actually took a picture of a bird at my husband’s workplace. They usually fly away when I get my camera out.

May 26th – Day 146


As I said on Friday’s photo, I started with book two. My friend borrowed it to me, but it is in such perfect condition I am afraid to open or crack the spine. Reading very carefully and already hooked on the story.


Mona – I have good friends




  1. I love that pallet pillow / cushion container your friend made – I love the rustic look and it’s very cute with the cushions in it. I’ve never watched the US version of The Office but loved the UK one, it always makes me laugh without fail, so I should probably give the US version a go! Lovely shot of the sky on day 144 too. – Tasha


  2. I find the Millennium books are a bit of a slog to get into but once you get going, they are pretty good. Sometimes, it’s not even the most interesting or gripping of story, but it always kept me interested. I need to have a read of the forth book.

    I just starting reading the Cormoron Strike series by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling) and so far so good πŸ™‚

    Oh I love the blanket/pillow box! It’s very rustic and cool!


    1. Thank you! I shall pass the positive feedback on to my crafty friend. I am reading the Spud series after this. πŸ™‚ Might be a bit child like of a read, but I’m not too bothered about that.


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