Project 365 – Week 20

May is slowly running out. It is honestly the month with THE most birthdays. We’re almost at the middle of the year! Can you believe that? See my week in photos.

May 13th – Day 133


Friday the 13th! Aaaaah! Nothing remotely creepy happened though. We had this very yummy dinner and watched some Dexter after work. We are also eating the wholegrain version of pasta this past month. I can’t taste the difference, but it is better for you. The small things that add up, right?

May 14th – Day 134


Now going the total opposite why in terms of healthy, this doughnut! I did only eat half of it. I’m honestly not that into these type of treats.

May 15th  – Day 135


I was hanging the washing when I saw this spiderweb on the little thorn plant we have on the table. Don’t get me wrong, I am so scared of spiders, but it is amazing what they can do.

May 16th – Day 136

SAM_1673.JPGI know I took a picture of my flowers last week, but look at them! They are still all alive and upright a week later!  (and even now on the 22nd)

May 17th – Day 137


When you are lazing in front of the tv, and the sweet craving hits. I made us some chocomint muffins. It hit the spot and I had something to snack on at work the next day.

May 18th – Day 138


I was trying to take a photo of Loki and these happened. I think it is so cute!

May 19th – 139


I only really started using this mug when I moved out of my parents house. I received it when i was 6. I was absolutely obsessed with Lion King back then.

Mona – Still know the lyrics to Lion King songs




  1. That shot of the spider-web is just gorgeous, they’re amazing aren’t they? I became the resident ‘spider remover’ while I was at university because all of my house-mates hated them, but I’ve got a soft spot for creepy crawlies. Love your Lion King mug as well, so cute, and the photos of Loki are just brilliant. – Tasha


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