Project 365 – Week 18

Heading into a new month. I started a new blog series in which I update about my life on a monthly basis. You can read my first post here, April things. On to last week in photos!

April 29 – Day 120

Compiling last week’s post as I woke up was not such a good idea, as I put my Friday photo on there as well. Check it out here. I was just really excited at having books to read again.

April 30 – Day 121


Winter is creeping in. My washing mainly consists of an overload of long shirts and jerseys (that take forever to dry!).

May 1st – Day 122


We don’t have any flowers in our own garden, but this Hibiscus plant hangs over the boundary wall. They are beautiful flowers.

May 2nd – Day 123


Not going to lie,  I didn’t take a picture today. The day just got away from me. I did go into my archives and found a nice photo that isn’t my dogs. Hope you enjoy it.

May 3rd – Day 124


We went to the mall for some dinner. The sunset was pretty, I snapped this tree instead.

May 4th – Day 125


After work we went to collect one of our friends in Wilderness. The back roads aren’t wide, but it is really beautiful and makes you feel close to nature.

Mona – almost at level 27



  1. I’m a little jealous that you have a washing line… I still have the fun job of drying washing inside my apartment. Sad times.


    1. The previous flat had two short lines in the courtyard for 5 flats. We got some of that folding drying racks, comes in handy at this flat too as we don’t get that much sun in winter. Housewife problems, haha.


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