100 Cups of Coffee #4

Season’s has changed since my last update, but I finally went to a new place and had a cup of coffee. I can however assure you that I did have plenty cups of coffee in between that post and this one. On to the new place!

We were lazing around the house on Saturday, when I felt that we should get out and visit a new place. I quick internet search and off we went. The first place we tried, we soon found out was inside a gym. Our non gym bodies could not cross the threshold, so on to the second destination we went.

I have heard about this place and have even seen people tag themselves in here with some photos. This was the place to be apparently. We  arrived just over an hour before closing time, and as we were just having coffee, that was ample time. Sadly though, the place was dead quiet. As in we were the only patrons. We checked with the waiter to see if they were planning on closing, and she assured us they are still open till 13:00.


The place is named The Bench, and aptly so as there is numerous benches to sit on. We wanted a light already prepared snack, sadly there was no quiche of the day  left, only cake. We decided to share a slice of chocolate cake with our drinks.

I ordered the Vanilla cappuccino and Dylan the Milo milkshake. Both our drinks were delicious. Our waitress brought out two slices of cake, as it was close to closing time, we received the second slice at no charge. Now that is my kind of score of the day. The cake coffee combo really hit the spot.

The bench.jpg

The atmosphere was very hipster art like. I wish there was more people there to really feel the vibe of the place. We might go again during a weeknight as they do burger specials. Judging by the pictures it looks delicious.

Overall we enjoyed the experience and would go again to sample their menu. They serve cocktails as well and I am a sucker for Pina Colada’s.

Mona – drinking coffee


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