April Things

Time for a new blog series! As per usual I got some inspiration from the amazing ladies from Underland to Wonderland and Life as Unusuals. This post will be reflecting back on my month, whether it is awesome shows I watched, things I did or even ate. Kind of like a virtual diary, but public. If like me, you enjoy these type of posts, read on!

My month started off with my 1st wedding anniversary. My amazing husband had flowers, a teddy and chocolates delivered to my office. I felt like one special lady. The month definitely flew by after that, and brought  more winter like weather with it.

I finally finished the Harry Potter books, it only took me close to four months. Given that it is 7 books, I think that was still good time. My goal is to read at least 15 books this year (last year was only 5). I read a lot as a child / teenager, but gradually stopped. I have no idea why. Currently busy with book number 9 for this year. My friend borrowed me the Millenium series.

I enjoy watching documentaries. I sometimes just get tired of watching normal series and think documentaries is a good to broaden your general knowledge or just educate yourself a bit on a topic. The True cost was one of those that just stays with you. It focuses on the fashion industry and how it’s affecting India and the earth itself. It was really sad and eye opening as to how wasteful and vain humans are. I recommend you give it a watch.

This month also marked the first time I did something different with my hair. I added some pink highlights! Working in an accounting office, I could not go way out as we serve an older customer base, so I opted for just a few streaks framing my face. I love it! I might try do other colours in the future.

Lastly, we were browsing Youtube (what’s with all the #DramaAlert, you’re adults aren’t you?) and stumbled upon this one video.. It is basically just a bunch of noise, but for some reason the cat singing cracks me up every time. Dylan has proclaimed this my cryptonite and will now play this whenever we argue as it renders me useless with laughter. If you are a little bit confused, check out this video:


I will end off my recap with this video, as you are probably judging me and my sanity pretty hard right now.

Mona – laughing at the singing cat




  1. I love these kinds of posts! I think they are a nice way to round up the month even if I don’t seem to do anything exciting lately.

    I haven’t seen a good documentary in a while, although I’ve mostly been reading so I haven’t seen much of any TV.

    Here’s a great May for you!


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