Project 365 – Week 17

Mostly cooler days means winter is well on it’s way. We had some good food this week and I have new books to read. Check it out. 

April 22 – Day 113


Once upon a time I had a book of Shakespeare sonnets, but Loki thought it was a quick snack. Before discarding the chewed up book, I save my favourite. This is just stuck up on our fridge at the moment.

April 23 – Day 114


A super easy lunch! We felt very British with our beans on toast. Of course the dogs wanted some as well, as you can see.

April 24 – Day 115


I bought this book back in High School. I have completed were few of the 101 things. We are currently working on the list of movies to watch. Some of the things are quite expensive to do. For instance, ” Own an expensive piece of art”.

April 25 – Day 116


Am I getting better at moon shots? I this going to be a weekly thing? Who knows.

April 26 – Day 117


Healthy dinner, check! That was chicken steaklets with 3 cheese salad. It was so delicious!

April 27 – Day 118


Two food shots in a row. Yes. We made quiche for the first time. It came out perfect and we were well chuffed with ourselves. We added spinach to make it kind of healthy.

April 28 – Day 119


The sky was so pretty. That is all.

April 29 – Day 120


Yay for more books to read! My friend borrowed me all the books in this series. I have watched the movie long ago, and do not recall too much.


Mona – reading again





  1. I’ve just finished reading the last book in the Millennium series, I’d read them ages a go and since I’d like to get rid of the books I own, I wanted to re-read them before I do that. I’d be interested to know what you think about them 🙂 We can do some book talking!

    If you happen to really like them and want your own person copies, I have some looking for a new home. They are a little battered on the spines though…


    1. Awesome, I’m not very far into the book yet. I find it asks a lot more concentration than the Harry Potter books.
      Would totally take them, my doggies like to sample the books in the bookcase, so I’m laying off buying any until we have a bigger space where the bookcase can be closed off. 🙂


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