Project 365 – Week 16

Another week has flown by. I got in a few good sky shots, check it out.

April 15th – Day 106


While I had my hair done, my friend left me a note on my car. Hallo! I actually didn’t see it till after I started driving.

April 16th – Day 107


We were on our way home after visiting the parents and didn’t feel like going home yet. We took a little detour to this place we always wanted to visit. The pictures they post of their burgers look amazing. We were still slightly full from eating treats by my parents, so we just got some burger sliders. This picture kind of makes them look big, but that’s literally meat balls as patties.

April 17 – Day 108


I attempted another moon shot. Yet again it turned out slightly blurry. Still looks cool with the clouds.

April 18th – Day 109


On my December holiday I cut this out without using a stencils. Was pretty chuffed how good this came out. I put it up above my bed.

April 19th -Day 110


Waiting for Dylan to get off from work. The sky was gorgeous. Sadly the pole was in the way otherwise it would have made a really good picture.

April 20 – Day 111


Was heading home when I took this picture. This is a real sign of the season changing.

April 21 – Day 112

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOne: I have never heard of this movie. Two: My cousin gave me a few books to read, this was one of them. Finished it, and it’s not horrible. The ending was just so anti climatic. They build it all up just to end it in basically 3 sentences.


Mona – looked at the sky alot



  1. I love the moon shot, it’s all eerie with the clouds! I should take more moon shots.

    There seems to be a surprisingly large amount of white cars in that carpark.

    Ahh, I just finished reading a book this morning that ended just do bleh. The whole book just wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I kept hoping that something more would happen and it was just so meh at the end.


    1. I think it’s because white cars are easier to resell than colour cars. Haha. Don’t know really.
      Think I’m signing up at the library again (haven’t been there in over 10 years). This lack of books is disturbing me 😛


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