Project 365 -Week 15

Somehow I always end up compiling this post on a Saturday. It’s a sunny day and it’s  my fathers birthday (Happy b-day Dad!) so I am looking forward to some sweet treats! Without further ado, here is the photos of the past week.

April 8th – Day 99


My anniversary flowers are all wilted, but Loki is still super interested in them. Photo is slightly blurry, but I still think he looks super cute.

April 9th – Day 100


I beat the sun. I had to stand on the table to take a photo of more than just the wall. It looked pretty cool. First thing I saw when I opened the door. I had my picture of the day sorted really early.

April 10th – Day 101


We went over to my friends mom’s house to help her with some computer things. I spotted this lazy one chilling in the sun. I greeted him and he meowed at me and it pretty much sounded like he said eh-oh.  Am I crazy?

April 11th – Day 102


Another day that got away from me photo less. My models were at the ready.

April 12th – Day 103


Waiting for Dylan to get off from work. Moody skies is the norm for my town. We thought winter was creeping up on us, then we had a 35 degree C day.

April 13th – Day 104


It’s so bad, but it’s so good. We have McDonalds once a year. Today was this day. I love their salty chippies.

April 14th – Day 105


I drink way too much coffee. I have however stared drinking Green tea at work. Hoping that is a bit more healthy.

Mona – now with some pink hair






  1. I try to compile this post as the week goes on, but I always fail at that!

    Getting the photo first thing, is always a great start to the day, especially when it’s a good ol’ sun-shot! I need some more of them in my project.

    35 degrees! That’s crazy hot. I’m glad it’s a rarity that the Belgian summer gets to 30 let alone 35.

    Yay for pink hair too!


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