Inexperienced gamer: Stardew Valley

The game everybody is playing at the moment. My husband has completed the game and shortly after I got into it. It’s apparently similar to Harvest Moon, a game I have not played yet. I got my farming, mining and fishing on and survived a whole year.

You start off receiving a letter from your grandpa, stating you should open it when you are feeling trapped and in need of something new. You then go to the next scene of you in a depressing office job, remembering the letter. The letter says you have inherited your grandpa’s farm in Stardew Valley. Here your adventure starts.

You arrive in town where you are shown the run down, overgrown farm. It’s the first of Spring and you are given the basic tools to start cleaning up the farm and start growing veggies. You can buy seeds at the shop in town, from either the small local shop or the big corporation. Choosing to uplift the town and buying local helps the community.


Crops take a few days to mature and you have to water them daily. Once you harvest them, you can sell it and receive money. Which you can use to upgrade your house, build more farm buildings (coop, barn) or even upgrade your tools. You can speak to all the people in town and befriend them. Every now and then you will receive mail asking you a favour. Completing these easy tasks earns you more money.

You are also shown the community center, an overgrown and abandoned building. There is some odd alien like creatures living there. After drinking a potion the wizard made you, you can understand their writing in a book left in one of the rooms. They ask for certain items, by given them what they ask, you unlock new areas in town as well as renew that particular room in the center. A few more books pop up while you’re busy. This tasks keep you quite busy, but can be completed at any time.


You do experience all the seasons. A season last about 28 days. You can only plant your crops according to season, previous season’s crops die at the changing of season. The winter season was a bit dull, but I took this time to fish and go into the mines. You can’t however just mine or fish endlessly. You have to return home by 2 am or you get escorted back, costing you 1000 of your money. You have health in the mines, that you can replenish by eating some food. There is critters down in the mine that attacks you, but also drops some items that you can sell, give to the library or smelt into bars.

I enjoy this game and put in about 20 hours into it so far. It’s not complicated and good to take your mind of things. Definitely going to be playing for another 20 hours at least.

Mona – farmer girl


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