Project 365 – Week 14

Another week down. I have spent most of my free time reading Deathly Hallows. This was a good week for me, having my car paid of and my one year wedding anniversary. On with the photos.

April 1st – Day 92


My final car payment went off!! I was so happy I decided to make some celebratory muffins. Felt a bit fancy and added some Rolos to make it even more yummy. I did however pour a lot of batter into the muffins tins and it came out huge. Not complaining.

April 2nd – Day 93


We went over to friends for dinner and a catch up. She has such a talent for interior design. This was outside by the fireplace we were sitting at.

April 3rd – Day 94


The night before my one year wedding anniversary. I felt like going through my wedding photos again. Such an amazing day. So much stress leading up to that day, and it turned out perfect.

April 4th – Day 95



My husband is amazing! He had flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear delivered to my office. I am such a lucky lady.

April 5th – Day 96


The last Harry Potter book. I am happy and sad to be at the last book. While compiling this I have finished it. On to the movie marathon!

April 6th – Day 97


Yes, it is 10 past  10 and I still haven’t taken a photo of the day. I decided to share a photo of my decor. We are not allowed to put nails in the wall of our rental, so we just prop up the photos against the wall.

April 7th – Day 98


The very fluffy teddy bear I received as an anniversary gift. Clearly my dogs think they have to inspect it. Mister teddy is however safely out of their reach.

Mona – lucky girl



  1. Ah Happy Anniversary and yay for final car payments! I just made my first one last month, haha, so still a long, long way to go but it’s nice to know it’s been paid. The muffins you made looked so yummy. – Tasha


  2. Yay for your one year anniversary! Happy anniversary!

    Congrats on finishing Harry Potter! I think I might give them a re-read at some point in the year.

    I hope you have another great week!


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