Project 365 – Week 13

Realizing a day later I never wrote an opening paragraph. So, correcting this now. A week with more off days than work days! Easter was spend relaxing and lazing around the house mostly. 

March 25th – Day 85


Relaxing on a Friday evening with some hot chocolate. Easter weekend went by so fast. I didn’t even eat a single Easter egg.

March 26 – Day 86


Wedding time! My cousin got hitched! They had these wire trees with fairy lights as the table decor.

March 27 – Day 87


This is our neighbour’s cat. He can get very talkative, late at night. Which we do not so much appreciate, since it fires up our dogs.  He is a cute little furball though.


March 28 – Day 88


It felt weird going to the beach on a Monday. My friend was in town on holiday. She brought her dog Aleksi with. They had a little run around on the beach. Odie was really worried I might leave him on the beach and kept circling me. He is such a mommy’s boy.

March 29 – Day 89


Now I am going to be honest with you. I  missed this day. My alarm went off to remind me to still take a picture, but I forgot anyway. A filler photo of Loki I took last week will have to do, because, I’m pretty sure I would have taken a photo of one of them anyway. Three animal pictures in a row, atleast not of the same one.

March 30 – Day 90


This day seem to have gone super slow. Why is it that free time always flies by while, at work time moves slower than ever? We survived the day and rewarded ourselves with some Steri Stumpie, was so delicious.

March 31st – Day 91


Payday! We went out for some Nandos. It’s not far from our house, so it is usually the go to option when we feel too lazy too cook.

Mona – can we get another 4 day weekend?


One comment

  1. Introductory paragraphs are overrated 😉

    You know, I think I’m going to make myself a little hot chocolate after my tea tonight!


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