Grab the Popcorn! #2

I subjected myself to more old movies, here is my thoughts on them! 

Great Gatsby 2013


I felt like watching one of the earlier hyped about movies. I have not read the book and wasn’t sure what the movie was all about. I did enjoy it, but honestly I am not surprised Leo didn’t get an Oscar for this movie, a man in love, much to his own ruin is a role he has portrayed a few times now. The movie had a Romeo and Juliet vibe. He dies in the end for/because of the one he loves. It’s always a woman that brings so much turmoil in a mans life, hey. The movie starts off with Nick (Tobey Maguire) in rehab for alcoholism telling his doctor about the man, Jay Gatsby (Leo), the most hopeful man he ever met. Which is true, since he is holding out for a woman that is married. The woman is Daisy, Nick’s cousin. Daisy and Jay do meet up again and have a brief affair, but in the end she decides not to leave her cheating husband. Those parties though, imagine attending one.

Silver Linings Playbook 2012


Another hyped about movie. Again I was disappointed. I really think this movie was over hyped only because Jennifer Lawrence was currently busy with Hunger Games. It was a lot of talking and not much action. I’m not sure what I expected, but with all the talk and 8 nominations, seriously, 8?  Typical plot line of wanting your ex back and falling in love with the person helping you. They added the mix of two people with some mental problems (Pat had Bipolar disorder and Tiffany lost her husband). I think the movie had the potential to be so much more as they refer to it as romantic comedy-drama. I did not feel the comedy.

Field of dreams 1989


This is one of those movies you just have to see, according to people. Me, not so much. The  man hears voices in his corn field and builds a baseball field, almost going bankrupt, all to play catch with his (younger version, but still dead) father. I’m sorry, I was not entertained. I guess I just do not see the point of this movie. It’s just basically a man’s unresolved feelings about his father that has passed.

I am Legend 2007


One of the more original zombie like movies, before Hollywood became all about the zombies. Not a bad movie, minus the dog dying part. A genetically re-engineered measles virus that was to be a cure for cancer kills 90% of humans and mutate the rest of the people. The story follow Robert (Will Smith), 3 years later. He is immune to the virus and is still trying to find the cure. Apparently there is two endings to this movie. I watched the one where he returns the almost cured mutant girl back to rest of the mutants and then leaves New York with the cure. My husband watched the ending where the girl and little boy escapes with the cure and he blows up the house with the mutants. I would have preferred that ending. I don’t see how the mutants would not feed on him, since food was so scarce.

Looking at this I am not an easy movie goer to please. Any recommendations?

Mona- working on her square eyes



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