Project 365 – Week 12

The no internet went over to this week. Luckily somebody finally came out and fixed the line. Apparently a tree was growing around it to the point of ruining our connection. Here is what we got up to this week.

March 18th – Day 78


Another Friday with me reading Harry Potter in bed. I am just that exciting. I really want to finish all the books and weekends is my main time to read.

March 19th – Day 79


Still no internet, so we ventured out to Dylan’s parents. We ended up staying for dinner. They have two duchshunds, which was super difficult to get a non blurry photo of. Here is Toby, being still enough for one quick photo.

March 20th – Day 80


Sunday afternoon we went to my parents, also for dinner. My dad is really into gardening, so I went to find something nice to take a picture of. With Autumn coming around it wasn’t so easy, but this stood out to me. Wish I had more of a green thumb.

March 21st – Day 81


Not having a professional camera, I did not get a very nice picture of the moon. It was partially covered with clouds and just one star standing out at the  bottom. It looked  like something creepy was about to happen.

March 22nd – Day 82


Coffee! I drink way too much of it. This is actually Dylan’s mug. When you pour in the hot water all the Pac man figures appear.

March 23rd – Day 83


We have this cool magnet on the fridge. It is self explanatory. Basic rules for living with us. Also, the man came to fix the internet today, yay!

March 24th  – Day 84


Went to the mall. Saw this rainbow in front of my car after I parked. I know it is caused by oil, but I’m going to pretend  it’s special and that it brings good luck.

Mona – back to binge watching Netflix



  1. I love the shot you got of the moon, so cool! I’m glad your internet was fixed finally too, and I always see oil spills like that as mini land rainbows as well – makes life more interesting! – Tasha


  2. I haven’t read Harry Potter in such a long time, I might have to re-read them before I donate them from the bookshelf. I love that moon shot, the moon is a tough thing to photograph I think!


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