The Autumn Wardrobe update

It’s changing of season and that means I get to add a few more articles of clothes to my wardrobe. Or at the very least, add more items onto my wishlist. I’ve been checking the websites and here is what caught my attention.  

These items give just enough warmth to transition you nicely into winter.

Lace insert top

Let’s start with the basics, a long sleeve t-shirt. I opted for a lace insert to add some details to such a plain staple item. I love this burgundy color.

Grey cardigan

Just a little extra layer to put over a t-shirt to keep you a bit warmer when the sun is a bit shy. I love layering clothes, I can go up to 5 layers in winter.

Burgandy snood

I have a slight scarf addiction. I think this one will fit right in with the rest of my collection. I will look so good with a plain black t-shirt and some skinny jeans and boots. Perfect for the office. Plus snoods make it so easy to just wrap around and it doesn’t droop down too long on one side, you know what I’m talking about.

Zipthrough pinafore dress

I haven’t worn a Pinafore dress since my school days, but I think it might be time to get a new one. This orange/ mustard color just makes me think of Autumn. You can pair this up with some black tights and boots and look totally fashionable.

Slouchy ankle boot

Lastly I have boots. I had this exact pair a few years ago and literally wore them to the very end, I even had them re-soled. They were super comfy and so easy to slip on before you head out. I am so very happy that they decided to restock this again. *Does happy dance*

These items can be found at Mr Price, Ackermans and Legit.


Mona – playing dress up



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