Project 365 – Week 11

This week shall be remembered as the week the internet went off, causing sadness and longing in our household. You realize you have very limited hobbies once you can’t access the internet regularly. Here is what I got up to this week.

March 11th – Day 71


Lazy Friday night called for getting into my pajamas and reading some Harry Potter in bed. I finished the Order of the Phoenix.

March 12th – Day 72


It was Saturday afternoon and we were feeling peckish, so I whipped up some super easy macaroni and relish. It came out quite nice. We enjoy our vegetarian meals ever so often. Yes, I am still in my pajamas, what else are weekends for?

March 13th – Day 73


I just love the smell of fresh coffee in the mornings, or any time really. I decided to make Dylan some breakfast in bed and got the coffee started first. I received this machine for my bridal shower last year, what a perfect gift for me.

March 14th – Day 74


Dylan got me playing Stardew Valley. I am really enjoying it. It was particularly helpful while the internet was down. My farm is coming along nicely.

March 15th – Day 75


Here is another sky photo. I don’t think we look at the sky enough. Sometimes it is the most beautiful colours. Not long after this photo it did start raining though.

March 16th – Day 76


We went to the shops. This is obviously my favourite isle. The coffee isle! Coming in with a very close second would be the sweets isle. I wish I could try all the brands they have on offer.

March 17th – Day 77


The internet was still off, so no Netflix. We had to rely on our very small dvd collection. Luckily we had 3 seasons of HIMYM, sadly that took us less than 2 days to watch.

Mona – should get more hobbies



  1. Pasta is always a winner for every meal haha!

    I haven’t seen HIMYM in ages! Have you seen all of them? What did you think of the ending?


    1. I have watched all the episodes. Not happy with how it ended! The mother was awesome and they killed her off so quickly. She was so amazing according to him, yet he hardly told the kids stories about her. We should have known it was always going to be Robin, that’s why the story started with meeting her. I still love Lily and Marshall as a couple. Coolest tv couple ever.


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