Instagram envy

I have an Instagram account and I can sometimes not believe what amazing photos some people can capture. I want to share some of my favourite accounts with you. You can check it out, get some inspiration or just give a like if you think they are awesome too.

I have chosen 5 of the accounts I follow to share with you. They all have different specialties. If there is any similar accounts you think I should follow, tell me in the comments.


Specialty  = White filters and FlatlaysLichipan

I have no idea how she gets her feed to look so nice. Her photos always have the vibrant white in them.


Specialty =  Illustrator


How I wish I could draw like this woman! She is amazing!


Specialty = Awesome outfits


The cutest outfits! Always girly, yet funky. Not to mention that bookcase, love it!

**update: She now goes by the name missinformation.


Specialty = Book Account


I recently started following accounts that posts photos with the #bookstagram tag. Some people has the most amazing book collections.


Specialty = Travel (so much travelling)


This guy gives me serious travel envy. He just returned from safari at Kenya. He hops around the world on a constant basis. Check out his Youtube channel by the same name if you want to see some videos.

Mona – snap snap


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