Project 365 – Week 10

Leaves are changing colour and we are having the oddest weather. Way hot weather, then thunder then odd rain patches. This week I got out a little less, but I did try to get some nice photos even though it was just a routine week. 

March 4th  – Day 64


I’m compiling this post a few days after I’ve taken the pictures and I’ve actually forgotten this was my chosen photo of the day. Well, I was really happy to receive a new office chair. It literally arrived as I was leaving for the weekend, so I only got to wheel around on Monday. Non wheeled office chair sucks.

March 5th  – Day 65


I see now we actually did go out. We went round to friends for a braai (that a BBQ for all you non locals) in Wilderness. It was a very hot morning and we were looking forward to swimming, but while we were heading over, it started raining in odd patches. There was thunder and rain patches for the rest of the evening. Still had a fun night that ended with some Poker.

March 6th – Day 66


We headed out in dreary weather to get some food shopping done. We stopped at a cafe for some delicious hot drinks, and also cup number 3 of my 100 Cups of Coffee. I had a Vanilla Cinnamon Mocha and Dylan the White Hot chocolate.

March 7th  – Day 67


Nothing marks the changing of season more than finding leaves all over the ground. I was heading home from work when I saw this perfect leaf next to my car. Now it will forever be my photo of the day.

March 8th – Day 68


This day just flew by and I still had to take a picture. Having nothing interesting, I went to my go to models and snapped this picture of Loki. Excuse the messy room, Loki carries stuff around, that and I was lazy.

March 9th – Day 69


Goodbye Dylan, I will see you again once you have saved New York! As you can tell Dylan got a new game. He seems to be really enjoying it. While he is playing I read (still busy with Harry Potter), so I don’t really mind.

March 10th – Day 70


Did anybody else collect these when they were younger? I was more into the tazos (the things you got inside your chips). Dylan got these out because somebody made an offer to buy them. There is one card he is keeping though, his Charizard. Believe it or not we actually received one as a wedding gift last year.

Mona – I want to be the very best!




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