100 Cups of Coffee #3

This was a dreary stay in bed sort of day, but we had to venture out to get some food shopping done. We stopped off at Woolworths Cafe for a cuppa to warm us up.


They offer regular, large and grande sizes drinks. I ordered a large Vanilla Cinnamon Mocha and Dylan his usual grande White hot chocolate.ย This was my first time trying the Mocha, but I will definitely order it again. It was perfection in a cup. Think, not too sweet chocolate-ty vanilla coffee with a cinnamon after taste. I stole a sip from Dylan’s hot choc, and as always it was delicious. White hot chocolate tastes so silky and smooth that you finish a cup way too soon. That is why we usually order grande size for that.

We did not order any food, but they offer a buffet over the weekends. The food looked really good. They have a food menu with things such as salads, burgers and nachos. The kitchen is visible from the all the tables, you can actually watch your food being made. This time we were the only young people there, as we were surrounded by the older generation. You know old people are suckers for buffets.

Woolworths is a bit more of a pricey place, so we usually keep this as a every now and then treat. You can always expect top quality even if you have to wait a little bit longer than other places. I like how they have pitchers of water with glasses on offer at the buffet table, meaning you don’t have to ask the waitress, you can just help yourself. Not all Woolworths clothes shops have cafe’s, but I am really pleased that our town got one when they opened up a branch at the shopping mall.

Woolworths  cafe 2


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