Project 365 – Week 9

I can see winter is starting to slowly creep up on us and I’m not liking it. March has rolled around and at least we have a few public holidays to look forward to. 


February 26th – Day 57


Friday evening and it is pissing down! Was happy to get home and into pajamas and just chill in front of the tv.

February 27th  – Day 58


We went to friends for a birthday party. We parked the car at Dylan’s parents and on our way I saw the birds across the road. They are there almost permanently. They are protecting their little chick so they get all noisy when you get close.

February 28th  – Day 59


My parents invited us for lunch. This pretty orchid is currently standing in their living room. I wish I could keep flowers alive, because this is gorgeous.

February 29th – Day 60


It’s leap day! Realizing now I’m actually doing project 366. We went out for dinner (yes, again). This coin operated horsey is outside the restaurant.

March 1st – Day 61


I had lunch with my mom at Hungry Camel. A cute coffee place that has hundreds of camel things standing around.

March 2nd – Day 62


I got my Destiny shirt in the mail! It fits perfectly! Now I just need to learn how to play..

March 3rd – Day 63


The weather is gradually changing and the time has come to whip out the slippers. I received these cute ones as a gift. The ear on the on is torn, because I have dogs who think these are toys.

Mona – going into winter mode




  1. This project is going by so fast! but it’s a great way to keep track of the year.

    We’ve had nothing but rain here, but the odd but of sunshine and warmth tells me spring is on the way. What’s winter like for you guys? Is it quite cold?


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