100 Cups of Coffee

I really love coffee. I drink multiple cups a day. One of my favorite smells is opening up a new jar of coffee. I was wondering how I can turn this love of coffee into some sort of blog post. I was browsing through blogs when inspiration struck me while looking at 52 Bars in 52 Weeks. I am going to drink 100 cups of coffee in 100 different places. Futurama (my all time favorite show) helped this idea along. I will work in a sort of review on the place I’m having coffee at. I am not going to put any sort of time limit on it, 100 cups will happen over an indefinite amount of time. I will be trying to hit more coffee bars than just restaurants. I will not be reviewing the coffee however, as it would always be a good review.

Now, without further ado, here is my first cup.


We went to Panarottis, it’s an Italian pizza/ pasta family style restaurant. Thursday nights is the all you can eat pizza special. I ordered a regular coffee with Amarula for a delicious nightcap after dinner.


Being a family style restaurant it was a bit noisy and for some reason there were so many “mandates” (two straight dudes on a dinner outing) going on. There was one whole isle with just men,  which Dylan and I found so funny. How all you can eat pizza basically works is, they come to your table throughout the night and offer you slices of all the pizzas on the menu. It was, as always, very delicious. They also have a dessert pizza with Barone sauce, marshmallows, bananas and ice cream, which you can request when you feel you have almost reached your pizza limit.


The pizza is priced well and service was friendly. It’s one of our usual go to places and I am sure to be going there again as all you can eat is a little bit more of an experience than just sit down dinner.

Mona – first cup down





  1. 100 cups of coffee, is quite the challenge! I could never do it since I don’t like coffee, I could probably do a tea challenge though, and try many different flavours. Hmm, maybe I could do that!


  2. This is a lovely idea! I may do something similar in the future when I actually have the money and transportation available to do it, glad you enjoyed your first cup of coffee! x


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