Project 365 – Week 8

This week went by so fast. We were busy at work as the financial year is coming to an end and everything had to be finished off. I did get out a bit, so this week wasn’t too boring.


February 19th – Day 50


We went out to the local drinking spot. This man decided to flash his bum, twice. I snapped this sneak shot with my phone just before he pulled his pants back up. I think his briefs read, “Bravery, this is it”.

February 20th – Day 51

Snapshot 1 (2016-02-26 06-23 PM)

I filmed a Youtube video with my dogs called the Furry Friends tag. Loki gave me a little kiss while I was checking the camera.

February 21st – Day 52


I’m busy with Order of the Phoenix. I’m really enjoying reading the books. I am happy that Magnificent Beast and where to find them is hitting the theaters this year. This is just an awesome world to get lost in.

February 22st – Day 53


I received some chocolate from one of our clients. It was so delicious! I’ve never had this brand before, I think it might be import. Please excuse the dusty surfaces.. Dark furniture just shows dust so quickly.

February 23 – Day 54


What would a weekly update be without a picture dedicated to my dogs. Here is Loki, hanging over the couch checking me out. He is such a curious dog.

February 24 – Day 55


This is our income tax building. I have spend many hours waiting in line for my work. Not fun, as they just provide metal chairs. The outside of the building looks pretty cool thou, it’s covered in glass.

February 25 – Day 56


After work we headed straight to the mall for all you can eat pizza. It makes for a more fun night out than just ordering one pizza. They basically just walk around with all the pizza’s from the menu and offer you slices. I usually leave the back crust as I get full too fast. I did quite well (or bad depending on how you look at it) and ate 7 slices.

Mona – still full from the pizza




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