Project 365 – Week 7

The seventh week of the year, and I am happy to report we actually got out of the house for fun and not just work! 


February 12th – Day 43


It’s Friday and I have finally gotten round to using the voucher I received as an xmas gift. It was a relaxing two hours session of pampering that included a back massage, pedicure and of course manicure. I did not choose the nail art, as I had something covering my eyes for the whole experience, nonetheless, I think it came out cute! On a side note, I a wearing pj’s, but I literally just received them from my friend and tried them on. Thanks Marlize!

February 13th – Day 44


We were just heading out for our trip to the beach, when I saw the clouds looking all funky, so naturally I took a picture. I forgot what it means when the clouds look like this, anybody know?

February 14th  – Day 45


Yes, it’s Valentines day and I choose a picture of my dog. We didn’t really do anything special, besides hung out and watch series. Dylan did order me a Funko pop (Princess Bubblegum), which I am excited for!

February 15th – Day 46


We met up with our friends who were visiting and caught up with them over some coffee. On the walk back to the car the sky was so beautiful, not that it looks so impressive in photo form, but you get the idea.

February 16th – Day 47


Another Loki photo. I was busy reading in the room, when I saw Loki’s shadow. It just looked funny to me, and that is how today’s picture happened. By the way, I was reading Harry Potter, I am getting very close to finishing the fourth book.

February 17th – Day 48


Happy birthday mom! We went round to my parents to devour some treats. It was delicious, as always.

February 18th – Day 49


Movie time! It has been ages since we have seen a movie at the cinema, but this trailer looked really good and our friend was in town, so we went to go see it with him. Super hero movies are really big at the moment, and I’m not really into them, but this was awesome! It even worked in a little love story. Although I think I was kinda sold since I heard Ryan Reynolds is in the movie. They break the fourth wall (and even the 16th) a lot and Ryan even makes a joke about himself.

Mona – want to watch Deadpool again




  1. What beautiful summer clouds! I am very jealous of that! Kris is really into seeing Deadpool, I think we’re going to have to make an exception and head to the cinema (despite it being so so overpriced!)

    How are you liking Harry Potter? I’ve read them all, and I’m not a crazed fan, but I think they are alright. I do prefer the books to the films, as I like the extra stories and the extra information that you get about the other characters. The fifth book though, that was probably my least favourite one.


    1. I totally agree with the overpriced part! Especially the snacks, it works out more than the ticket! But Deadpool was a good movie.
      I am starting with the Fifth book today. Liking the extra info the books give us, like Hermione’s S.P.E.W movement. Really enjoying just reading again, and I am enjoying the world they immerse me in.


  2. Oh I love that shot of the sky, the clouds look so fluffy! I’ve still yet to see Deadpool but I’ve heard good things and I’m a big fan of the cheeky anti-hero so I need to go and see it soon. – Tasha

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