Project 365 – Week 6

I know I will probably say this every week, but my does time fly! We’re now just a few days away from Valentines. Do you have any special plans? 

February 5th – Day 36


Watermelons are best enjoyed on hot afternoons! As you can see we couldn’t wait to chow down, hence the photo was taken after it was all done.

February 6th – Day 37


Woke up Saturday morning, decided to make breakfast. As Dylan was drying the pan the handle broke off. While funny, we had to cook in pan with no handle. After breakfast we went to the shops to replace the pan. This time we bought two, now we have a backup.

February 7th – Day 38


I made stove top popcorn for the first time and I didn’t burn any! So proud of myself. We devoured it while watching some That ’70s show. I also made some bran muffins, but didn’t take any pictures.

February 8th – Day 39


This is Lucky! She showed up at my husbands office as a stray. They nursed her back to health and she now lives there. She gets all the cuddles. She sometimes comes round to my car when I collect Dylan from work.

February 9 – Day 40


Dylan had a rough day at work and all he wanted was a Lemon Meringue. So we went to the shops and got him one. It was delicious.

February 10th – Day 41


Today was really hot! We just had to get some cooldrink to cool down. I got some Fanta because I prefer it over Coke.

February 11th – Day 42


Say hello to Mr. Gecko! This little mister was running on the outside of my window this afternoon. I had to go outside and take a picture of him to share him with the internet.

Mona – now with a gecko friend



  1. I looking forward to when the watermelons start making an appearance in our supermarkets! Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

    I haven’t had fanta is such a long time! I’m not wondering if I can even get the orange fanta here in Belgium…


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