Project 365 – Week 5

January is over! Time sure does fly. I have decided to add the number of the days to my posts to help me track the days. I’m still having fun with this project even thou my photos are generally food and my pets. 

January 29th – Day 29


Friday afternoon and I felt like baking something. We had a muffin mix and some peppers and spinach on hand, and this is the end result. I must say, I am quite pleased how it came out. It was delicious and the husband even requested a second batch. If you’re wondering, the board says “Liefde”, it means love in Afrikaans.

January 30th – Day 30

BeFunky Collage

Saturday nights are the best for hanging out with friends. Our favorite couple friends was in town and we had a nice catch-up with them, resulting in a late night drink at the local pub. A mini collage since I didn’t take a group photo.

January 31th – Day 31


More food! I might warn you now, my week is mainly food. Nothing special happened except delicious food! Pasta with bacon. Some green peppers were added for the photo and to look fancy.

February 1st – Day 32


Is my  food photography getting better? Another food photo. This time featuring fish cakes, cous cous and spinach, drowned in cheese sauce. Om nom nom

February 2nd – Day 33


I mostly spend my lunch time reading in the car. I am still busy with Harry Potter and really enjoying it. I can’t wait to be done, then I will be watching all the movies in one long marathon.

February 3rd -Day 34

What’s a weekly update without a picture of my dogs? Here they are in their natural element. Odie almost never sleeps on the floor, but Loki is fine with it.

February 4th – Day 35


Shake and bake baby! Talladega nights was added to Netflix and we promptly watched it while eating dinner. It is one of my husband’s favorite movies.

Mona – I ate a lot this week



  1. I really love this idea of posting short bits on your everyday life, it’s quite enjoyable to read! And at the end of the year it’ll be amazing for you to look back on! xxx


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