Inexperienced gamer: B3 (Beep boop bot)

I was recently asked by indie developer Psycho Robot Studios to review a demo of their game Beep Boop Bot or B3 for short. I’m not the biggest pc gamer out there, but I gave it a go and I must say, it was entertaining.

“A space station crew in distress has turned to an out-of-date robot to help protect them from a shipment of AI bots.” You start off in the docking station where you have to fight various mini bots to get to 1000 points, which then brings out the boss. You are given temporary drops like speed boost, flamethrowers and rockets to help you along the way. The premise and controls are fairly easy to master. With that said, I had quite a few tries before I was able to scrape past the first level. There is no check point and neither can you collect lives. I died not long into the second level. I do think the difficulty level is set a bit high out of the gate. To test this I asked my gamer husband to have a go. He also struggled to get to the second level, as well as die before the second level boss emerged. Since I didn’t get much game play from level 2, I can’t say this with certainty, but the general feel was that level 2 is just a different interface of level 1. Level 2 had the addition of claws grabbing at you.

Here is some game play footage courtesy of the developers.


Overall the game is enjoyable, but a bit frustrating as 5 lives goes by quite quick. The mini bots are never ending and gets repetitive. I did get lucky with a lot of drops helping me to defeat everybody in the vicinity. According to information on Steam there will be 12 available levels once the game is complete. If level one is this tough I have no idea what 12 will be like. There is still some refinement that needs to be done and I would like to retry this game once it is done. For now I highly doubt I would go back and replay the same levels over and over till I reach the end, a checkpoint or additional lives is a must. Get in contact with them and give the game a go.

Mona – pew pew


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