Project 365 – Week 4

January is slowly coming to an end. We have Valentines to look forward to, the shops are already putting up all their displays. Here is what I got up to this week. 

January 22nd


Friday nights are meant to be lazy. I spent my evening playing Pocket Morty’s on my phone. It’s based on the series Rick and Morty. If you haven’t watched it and enjoy grown up cartoons, I would definitely recommend it. The game is like Pokemon, you go around challenging other Rick’s to battle Morty’s. You can also collect Morty’s along the way. Yes, this is a screen shot and not an actual photo, but close enough?

January 23rd


We went to buy a new fridge. While I was waiting at the back of the mall for my husband and father to return with the bakkie to transport it, I saw the mountain was looking very cool with the clouds. These are the Outeniqua mountains surrounding our town. Granted you can’t see much of the mountains in this photo.

January 24th


Since I didn’t take a picture of the fridge the previous day, here is one! It’s about half the size of our previous one. I love how silent it is compared to the old one. With it having an energy star rating we will also be saving on electricity. Sorry that it’s slightly blurry!

January 25th


This is not a filler photo.. I just really think I have a good looking dog. Next to him is his favorite toy. He drops that on our laps when he wants to play fetch.

January 26th


I had the day off. I went to the shops and I bought myself a face mask. My afternoon was spend having coffee, reading some Harry Potter and relaxing with a face mask.

January 27th


Ok ok, I know. Another dog picture. In my defense, my life is pretty routine and to find interesting things to take pictures of isn’t easy. Also, it’s difficult to get a nice picture of both dogs together.

January 28th


This is probably my favorite drink after coffee. Flavored milk. It goes down so smooth on a hot day. Mmmmmm

Mona – hoping next week is more exciting



  1. I love those face masks, you should try the chocolate orange one, it heats up! Also, those mountains are gorgeous! What a place to live!


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