Project 365 – Week 3

The third week of this year. Back at work and into routine.  I’m hoping to still get interesting pictures. I’m going with an Adventure awaits theme for this project, since life is an adventure.

January 15th


My husband had terrible toothache and we had to take him to the dentist. I took the afternoon off work to get him there asap as toothache is a horrible thing. This is the medication he was given.

January 16th


Braai time! We went to my parents and had a nice braai. I ended up going home with a tall lamp, something I wanted for some time. What would we do without the help of our parents?

January 17th


Can you say delicious?! This most certainly was. Just looking at this makes me drool. Sundays are meant for sweet treats, this is the result of our outing.

January 18th


This is the view I see every weekday from 8:00 to 16:30. There’s not much more I can say, except I wish I was a full time housewife.

January 19th


We went to the mall after work because the husbands headphones were defective. While he was returning it, I popped over to the bookstore. The adult coloring craze has completely taken over, with a whole table dedicated to it. I would buy one, but they are really overpriced.

January 20th


Coffee, chocolate and Pretty little liars to wind down from a long day. I’m happy it’s Wednesday, we’re closer to the weekend.

January 21st


I can’t take a good picture of this pizza, but I can assure you that it was indeed delicious! We went to the bar/restaurant where my husband use to bartend and had some pizza for dinner. This place really has the best pizza in town. I had Italian (mushroom, salami and green pepper).

Mona – this picture is making me hungry




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