Project 365 – Week 2

I have tried editing the first post and just adding the seconds week’s photos, but have realized that will make for one long post. So, here is a brand new post, which I will be making every week to update my photo project with you guys. 

January 8th


There is this weird plant growing out of our palm tree. It kind of looks like tentacles. It makes a mess though, it leaves little pink flowers all over the ground. We are going to have to trim it at some point or take it out completely.

January 9th


We wandered around the mall and got ourselves some ice cream cones. I had rum and raisin and Dylan had Oreo, they were both delicious. This was our view while we ate them in the sun.

January 10th


My boy Odie! My day was pretty uneventful. I was dreading starting work again, so I spend the day moping around the house and watching tv. My boy was there to cheer me up. He’s not wearing a collar because Loki keeps dragging him around when they play around.

January 11th


First day back at work. It feels like I never left. Husband made some dinner. On the menu was, crumbed hake, mash and some veggies. He also made an amazing cheese sauce which I drowned my food in, but I didn’t think that would make a nice photo. Also, I didn’t finish this massive portion, I left half for lunch the next day incase you were wondering.

January 12th


We went to Nando’s after work because we didn’t feel like making dinner. They honestly have THE BEST garlic rolls. We had a Cherritini for the first time, which was very nice. I think Nando’s is my favorite restaurant.

January 13th


I started the 3rd Harry Potter book! I’m really enjoying it. I can however just imagine the characters like I saw them in the movies. While updating this post (14/01/16), I heard Alan Rickman has passed away. He portrayed Prof. Snape. Now it’s kind of sad reading this, thinking of how brilliantly he portrayed this character.

January 14th


Just got home. Time for coffee! I love my new kettle I bought for myself last month.

Mona – can’t believe the second week is over



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