Blast from the past

Netflix has finally launched in South Africa! We signed up for our first month free trial and quickly realized there is thousands of things to be watched. While browsing through the movies sections I saw ALOT of old movies, some I never even heard of. There is so much options we were blown away. With a similar application launching only the a short while before, we as South Africans were not use to so much options. With this, the idea came to watch movies from between the year 2000 to 2010 and giving them a review.

With the digital age we kind of forget the older movies. You know, the ones where the special effects where so bad, yet we were amazed all those years ago. I mainly watch comedy and romantic movies. Don’t expect any horror or thriller reviews, I am such a scaredy cat.

Sadly my 3 week leave has come to an end today and it’s back to work on Monday. This means I will not have so much time to binge watch old movies and will probably just watch over weekends. Only 11 months before i’m on leave again!

Mona – still browsing, there is SO MANY MOVIES

**You can read the first review post here: Grab the Popcorn!



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