Fake it till you make it

I was browsing the mall with my mom today, when I stumbled upon this nifty product. It was on sale and I just knew it was meant to be. I was wondering if it really could work, but for a mere R15.00, who cares if it didn’t. For years now I have tried to master the winged eyeliner look. I have watched Youtube tutorials and Pinterest guides, but some how, no matter how hard I try, it always end up something like this:

Always messy

Always messy on top resulting in me adding more and more or trying with a q-tip to smooth it out only making more black marks on my lids. In the end I usually give up and go with no make up.

Until today, when along came Essence (my favorite make-up brand) with Daily stick on eyeliner.

Essence stick on Eyeliner

Off to a mirror I went to get these on my eyelids. It took a few stick and peel offs  before I got them correctly on my lids. You can cut them to the correct size you need. I have not cut them and as a result my look came out bold x1000. I generally don’t wear make-up so this looks completely strange to me.


Yes, it’s super bold, and yes I need fake lashes to pull the look together, but just look at it. I added some lipstick and mascara to help the look a bit, but nothing else. What do you think? Should I just give up on winged liner or is this my solution?

Mona – faking it

Here is some more photos at different angles:






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