UPDATE Inexperienced Gamer: Broken Age

I have finally finished this game. When I wrote the previous review I thought I was halfway done, turns out there was a whole lot more for me to do. I really enjoyed it. The puzzles got a bit challenging towards the end.

I continued with Shay’s side of the story. He had a few easy mission to do. You took control of the ship and caught a few creatures with the mechanical arms of the ship. The ship then gets attacked and they crash. Turns out that they were not in space, and that they were actually on earth and that his “spaceship” is Mog-Chothra.  This then bring the two heroes together briefly before they inadvertently swap places.

You now do various puzzles with each of them in their new environments. Some puzzles require information from the other characters scenery to complete. For example, Shay wants to fix one of his hexipal bots by rewiring, to get the correct wiring pattern you have to swap over to Vella who is with Shay’s mom (who turns out is not  a robot) go to the control room, and look at a picture that shows you the wiring. I’m not going to lie, I had to consult a walkthrough guide to complete some of the puzzles.

Shay has to help Alex fix his old spaceship in order to help rescue his mom which was still on the ship / Mog-chothra when it took off. Vella has to find a way of the ship whose exit was sealed off. You meet with a few characters from previous scenes like, hipster Lumberjack (he’s now into metal) and the talking tree (you make him throw up again) and even Vella’s parents who are searching for her.

After you complete a few puzzles on both sides, the ships, who are then on autopilot, travelling the same route, bump (I wanted to say crash, but they just stay suspended in one spot with no damage) into each other. After a few more head scratching puzzles, the ships melt down and Vella and Shay meet each other. The ending was a bit meh, but I did still enjoy the game play. I would still give it an 8/10 even thou the puzzles become a little less logical and you struggle a bit more. There is however a trophy for finishing this game under an hour. I believe you can achieve this only on your second go.


If you have played this, let me know what you think. Was the puzzles more difficult for you towards the end?

Mona – Unbrokened


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