Inexperienced gamer: Prison Architect

This past weekend I started playing Prison Architect on the PC. Think Simcity meet Theme Hospital mash up. You are in control of a prison. From hiring, to building new cells, to controlling riots. The opening scene reminiscent of Prison Break’s.

I played the campaign. It starts of with a story of a man on death row.You are contracted to build the execution chamber. This is an introductory level where they show you how building works and how to place items. The objectives shows up on the left hand side. Once you have completed each objective (lay the foundation, connect the electricity etc), the story continues. You find out what he did to deserve death row.


Campaign 2 throws you into chaos. There is an ongoing riot with fires burning through the prison. You are asked to bring it all under control by placing riot police in the right places and putting out the fires. Yes, the cops can die. This means you can’t just place them in the chaos and expect the riot to calm down.

maxresdefault (1)

By the end of it I had quite a few dead bodies and sadly the hearses did not take them away. I tried building a morgue, but that did not work. I might need some help on this part. Regardless, I reached the goals and made it to the next campaign.

I played up to campaign 5, the last one. Here you are given a blank piece of land and have to build up a prison from scratch on a budget. You can obtain funds through the bureaucracy and grants systems. This is somewhat of a waiting game. As funds trickle in, you spend it on building more cells to house more inmates. The main objective is to house 100 inmates, trust me it’s not easy finding space to  build cells, plus all the extras you need to keep them happy and not rioting.

I had fun playing the game, even if I did get mad at some parts and had to do some research as to why something wasn’t working right. I like how every prisoner has it’s own bio, telling you why he is there as well as how long he has served his sentence. You can do random checks on prisoners or the whole cell block. I enjoy doing those as you find all sorts of hidden things. There is also collectible polaroids you can find throughout the game, I still need to find about 70.  I would recommend it if you enjoy Sims type games.

Mona – Prison Architect


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