Exploring my town: Outeniqua Farmers Market

Today I visited the Outeniqua farmers market for the first time. It’s an outdoor crafts and food market. My friend Robin invited me for coffee initially, but we ended up having some lovely ice tea there as it is such a hot day today.

There was some live music adding to the relaxed vibe of the market. There is different clothing and craft stalls. We came across a stall that showed us how to turn a scarf into a little kimono by folding and tying it.

There is play area for kids as well as a little quad train to keep them entertained. Many foods stalls were displaying their yummy food. We decided on some home made pies as it was easy to walk and eat. I had  a spinach and cheese one, while Robin had a breakfast one (egg, bacon and cherry tomatoes). We wondered through some clothes stalls eyeing all the pretty clothes. We saw some amazing home decor crafts.

Lastly we got ourselves some nougat as a sweet treat to end off the outing. Mine was a cherry and almond mix. I will definitely return with my husband to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies on sale there. Then we can get some ice cream and wonder around all the stalls.

It was a lovely Saturday morning outing on this hot day. Thank you Robin! Here is some pictures I took.

BeFunky Collage



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