Inexperienced Gamer: Broken Age

After my recent post, Being a wife of a Gamer received so many views, I thought I would start doing gamer related post. I am by no means a “gamer girl”, but I will be reviewing games that I have played that I think anybody can easily enjoy. I have started playing Broken Age this past weekend. It was free on the PSN, and the pretty 2D visuals made me decide to give it a bash.

This is a product of Tim Schafer’s crowdfunding campaign. A point and click story telling game. This means no “quick grab your weapon and kill a baddie” action is going to happen. Perfect for me as I always react too slow. The story is about a boy named Shay and a girl named Vella leading two opposite lives. I have finished Vella’s side of the story, and it goes as follow.


Vella is one of the chosen girls to be sacrificed in the Maiden’s feast to the monster Mog-Chothra, but decide there is a better way to keep the village safe than sacrificing young girls. During the ceremony she breaks free and escapes, leading her on an adventure of finding items for certain people like cloud people or a hipster lumberjack to making a tree throw up. Yes, you read right. Eventually facing this monster. Her story ends off with her defeating Mog-Chothra, taking you to Shay’s side of the story.


Shay is an overprotected boy living in a spaceship, all his “adventures” are danger free. He finally gets upset and tries to break free from this secure world after receiving a tool from a mysterious figure after derailing a train. This is about how far I have come with his side of the story.

I love that this game is just perfect for my level of gaming experience. It gets you thinking on how to get to the next section by talking to various people and finding out more  information. I will definitely be playing this and finishing it up this weekend. The pretty visuals, easy controls and puzzles makes for a solid 8/10 rating for now (will do a follow up once I am done).

Has any of you played it? Did you struggle on making the tree throw up too?

Mona – saving the village



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