My Favorite TV shows

It’s Friday and I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend. I thought I would share with you the TV shows I enjoy to binge watch. I have watched all the episodes, but can rewatch these over and over.



This show is my absolute favorite series ever! With a solid fanbase reviving it a few times after being cancelled, it seems that it is now done forever (although I have heard rumours about another revival). Was the last episode not one of the most romantic? There was also that episode about the dog that hit us in the feels. Futurama gets the balance between humor, story telling and romance just right. Playing off in the year 3000 there is all sorts of wacky inventions and laws meaning anything is possible.



The one where I binge watch 10 seasons in a row. An iconic series that gets referenced in other shows, this is still a good watch. Whether you’re team Ross and Rachel (they were on a break) or Chandler and Monica (I preferred their story) or just laugh at Joey’s child like mind, it keeps you entertained. Chandler is so funny with his one liners. This show is a winner, literally, check out what they won here. A couple of friends living in New York hanging out in a coffee shop way too much, what’s not to like?


How I met Your Mother

The new version of Friends. This show was legendary! I must say I was not happy with the ending thou. Just. Why. Regardless, still a favorite to watch. I love Lilly and Marshall as a couple, they seriously are the best TV couple. There is definite character growth throughout the series with Barney (I personally wished he married Nora), as this womanizer becomes a daddy at the end of the show. The Canadian Robin with her dodgy past makes for good laughs. Let’s go to the mall always gets stuck in my head (dammit, it’s stuck in there now). A single New York guy living life trying to find “the one” reminds us all how difficult dating in your 20’s/30’s can be.

malcolm in the middle

Malcolm in the Middle

Was this not one of the most dysfunctional TV families ever? I was hooked from the first episode I ever watched way back when. Watching Hal being a funny family man that can rollerblade it’s difficult to imagine he portrays the formidable Walter White later in Breaking bad. This family with its delinquent boys is so funny to watch. You have Francis, the older brother / bad influence, Reese, a not too smart bully, Malcolm, the genius who has to go to special classes, Dewey, the often forgotten younger child and later Jamie, who was still only a toddler when the show ended. Poor Louis trying to keep her sanity while living with all the boys is just fun to watch as she doesn’t always keep a handle on her temper.


The Middle

A show similar to Malcolm in the middle. This family lives a middle class existence in a small town showing us the struggles of living life. Each family member has it’s own quirks, from being a eternal optimist even thou you fail at everything (Sue) to whispering to yourself (Brick), it’s just fun to watch. This show is still running and is currently at the stage where Sue left for college. Although the characters age, this show is still easy to watch and you can tune in any time to laugh at their daily struggles.

What shows do you enjoy and rewatch often? Any recommendations for me as we are all trying to fill the void waiting for Pretty Little Liars to start again in 2016.

Mona – Let’s go to the mall!! (dammit)


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