TV Character I identify with

Are you a series addict like me? There are loads of TV shows out there. Medical drama’s and crime solving series seems to be really popular at the moment. Is there one particular show that you watch that you think, hmmm, that character is so me? I love The Middle, and I just realized who I identify with. Sue Sue Heck from The Middle. Yes, that’s right, I am that weird girl trying my best to fit in and having the worst luck of all.


From being invisible to everybody, to just having a watered down experience because you’re the middle child, I am Sue Heck. I don’t like sports, and I think it’s partially because I am not good at it. I have a bad relationship with gravity and am just a clutz in general. Always staying optimistic is a very good quality to have and is needed when life is constantly against you. A prime example of me being Sue would be today’s exchange at work. I went for a haircut last week. This morning my colleague asked, ” where’s all your hair?”. It’s not a compliment, but at least I got noticed. I can regale you with stories of my invisibility at work, but this post is not a pity party for myself. I am an introvert and don’t mind much for people interactions. I will just be doing my weird dance by myself.


I think I will grow up to be Frankie Heck, Sue’s mother. I already share qualities with her.  Slightly neurotic always trying my best to better myself and end up realizing life is pretty good as it is.giphy

I am a self diagnosed Sue Heck. If you don’t know what TV character you are, here is a fun little quiz I found. Who am I? Let me know in the comments who you are, it would be fun to know if anybody else also relates to Sue Heck.

Mona – the Sue of the real world



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